This goal has been removed as of November 7, 2011.

Dressed To Kill
Dressed To Kill-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 10
Release DateOctober 27, 2011
DescriptionI can hit more houses than the other monsters because I fly instead of walking! Prepare for takeoff!
Mission fromVlad The Vampire-icon Vlad The Vampire
Dressed To Kill-iconAsk friends for 30 Witch Hats
(Cash-icon 90 Cash)
Candy-dooberPlace 5 prizes purchased with Candy
(Cash-icon 100 Cash)
Monster Pop-iconReach a Monster Population of 8,000
(Cash-icon 240 Cash)
Item UnlockedWarlock House-icon Warlock House
Goal Completion
DescriptionI have to admit, your costume is pretty good! You even scared me and that's saying something!
Coins ShareCoins-icon 50 Coins
Frightening Friends-icon Frightening Friends Dressed To Kill-icon Dressed To Kill

Dressed To Kill is a Downtown, Lakefront, Alps, and normal City goal in CityVille. It is the third goal of Act 3 of the Happy Halloween!-icon Happy Halloween! Saga. Players have until November 7, 2011 to complete the questline.

Vlad says: "We monsters are professional trick or treaters. Stand back and let us show you how it's done!"


Feed halloween City is tricking and treating itself this Halloween!

Player ran out of candy so they decided to give the trick or treaters advice instead. The kids didn't like that very much.

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