Doggie Treats
Doggie Treats-viral
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Type:Wall Post
Host Reward:Doggie Treats-icon Doggie Treats
Help Reward:Doggie Treats-icon Doggie Treats

Doggie Treats-icon Doggie Treats (or Treat Bags) are items needed to rescue Doggies in the Doggies and Doggie Lovers feature of the Doggie Rescue Center community building.

When you rescue a Doggie, you need to gather Doggie Treat Bags to replenish your Doggie Lovers. One Doggie Treat Bag gathered equals one Doggie Lover on duty. Players can post feeds on their wall for friends to send them Doggie Treat Bags. When friends click on a post, they will get one in return.

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