This goal has been removed as of November 7, 2011.

Creatures Of Habit
Creatures Of Habit-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 10
Release DateOctober 14, 2011
DescriptionHave no fear. We monsters are more afraid of you than you are of us! But I am a little thirsty!
Mission fromVlad The Vampire-icon Vlad The Vampire
Apply Halloween Theme-iconApply Halloween Theme
(Cash-icon 8 Cash)
Build Monster Residences-iconBuild 2 Monster Residences
(Cash-icon 20 Cash)
Build Monster Business-iconBuild a Monster Business
(Cash-icon 10 Cash)
Item UnlockedGhost Ship
Goal Completion
DescriptionThank you for helping us get our lives back to normal! And I'm not just sucking up to you.
Coins ShareCoins-icon 50 Coins
Happy Halloween!-icon Happy Halloween! Creatures Of Habit-icon Creatures Of Habit Waking The Dead-icon Waking The Dead

Creatures Of Habit is a Downtown, Lakefront, Alps, and normal City goal in CityVille. It is the first goal of Act 1 of the Happy Halloween!-icon Happy Halloween! Saga. Players have until November 7, 2011 to complete the questline.

Vlad says: "My monster friends and I are looking for a new ghost town to call home. And it looks like your city has the fright stuff!"


Feed halloween City is working the graveyard shift this Halloween!

Player loves Halloween but hates bobbing for apples. It combines two activities they try to avoid: eating fruit and drowning.


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