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Click For News! is a goal that indicates a newspaper headline. It appears at several points throughout the game.

Headlines and subtitles include:

City Is Born!

Will Player Have What It Takes To Be Mayor?

Name Your City!-icon Name Your City!City Is Born!First Neighborhood-icon First Neighborhood

Player Flies City Flag Proudly!

Player Pledges Allegiance To Mayoral Campaign!

Plant A City Flag-icon Plant A City FlagPlayer Flies City Flag Proudly!Build City Hall!-icon Build City Hall!

Player Nominated For Mayor!

Will Mayor Bring Seaport And Worldly Goods To City?

Build City Hall!-icon Build City Hall!Player Nominated For Mayor!Clear Trees!-icon Clear Trees!

Election Coming Soon!

Mayoral Victory Ensures Seaport And Worldwide Influence For Player

Increase Population-icon Increase PopulationElection Coming Soon!Build School-icon Build School

City Gets An Education With New School

Election Getting Closer! Voters Getting Smarter!

Polls Looking Positive For Player

Player Promises Seaport For City

Build School-icon Build SchoolPolls Looking Positive For PlayerBecome Mayor!-icon Become Mayor! or Build A Playground-icon Build A Playground

Player Elected To Mayor's Office!

City Celebrates Future Seaport With Fantastic Fireworks!
Become Mayor!-icon Become Mayor!Player Elected To Mayor's Office!The New Seaport-icon The New Seaport

City International Seaport Opens!

Rumor: Governor Considers Capital City Move

Set Sail!-icon Set Sail!City International Seaport Opens!Run Franchise-icon Run Franchise or Captain's Trip-icon Captain's Trip

Captain Rusty Returns From Sailing The World

Captain Shares Respect For Player With Governor

Deliver The Goods-icon Deliver The GoodsCaptain Rusty Returns From Sailing The World25px Rusty Lost at Sea!

State Fair Looks For New Home!

Best Host City Could Become New Capital

Grow Population-icon Grow PopulationState Fair Looks For New Home!Little Italy-icon Little Italy or Central Park-icon Central Park

Player Proves To Be Powerful Mayor

Player In The Running For State Capital

Fair Carousel-icon Fair CarouselPlayer Proves To Be Powerful MayorBuild City Funds-icon Build City Funds

City Closer To Becoming Capital City

Rumor: Sports Team Looking For New Home!

Build City Funds-icon Build City FundsCity Closer To Becoming Capital CitySports Team-icon Sports Team or Feed The Fans!-icon Feed The Fans!

Player "Cooks Up" Hot Capital City Recipe!

Helps City Feed Hungry Firefighters!

Hungry Firemen-icon Hungry FiremenPlayer "Cooks Up" Hot Capital City Recipe!Smoke Signal-icon Smoke Signal

Governor Names City State Capital!

New Hospital "Just What The Doctor Ordered!

Build A Hospital-icon Build A HospitalGovernor Names City State Capital!Community Checkup-icon Community Checkup

Fans In City Have A Case of Baseball Fever!

Team In Training To Get Their Game On!

Build And Recruit!-icon Build And Recruit!Fans In City Have A Case of Baseball Fever!New Fire Station-icon New Fire Station

City Celebrates Surprising Romance!

Doctor and Teacher Reveal Wedding Plans!

Bake The Cake-icon Bake The CakeCity Celebrates Surprising Romance!Dough Tossing-icon Dough Tossing

Sam Interviews City's Most Interesting Characters!

Readers Learn What Makes Edgar, Paul, Andre and Jack Tick!

Edgar's Shoe Shine-icon Edgar's Shoe ShineSam Interviews City's Most Interesting Characters!Choose The Ring-icon Choose The Ring

Russian Ballet Dances In City!

Player Welcomes Them As Residents Too!

Ballet To Stay!-icon Ballet To Stay!Russian Ballet Dances In City!

Governor Votes For University in City!

Louise Readies Celebration and Education!

Edgar's College Try-icon Edgar's College TryGovernor Votes For University in City!Education Rises!-icon Education Rises!

Player Digs Up More About City's Past!

Old Log Cabin, New Archeologist Making History!

Cabin Copy!-icon Cabin Copy!Player Digs Up More About City's Past!For the Children!-icon For the Children!

Player builds new Bridge in City

Citizens celebrate crossing with big fireworks display.

Build The Bridge-icon Build The BridgePlayer builds new Bridge in CityBridge Tourism-icon Bridge Tourism

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