Clerk's Office
Clerk's Office-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:City Clerk Office-icon City Clerk Office
Requirements:Population-icon 10 Population
Unlock cost:Cash-icon 10 Cash
Construction:Energy-icon 6 Energy
Level 1
Materials:Marble-viral 2x Marble
City Seal-viral 2x City Seal
Manila Folder-viral 2x Manila Folder
Inkpad-viral 2x Inkpad
Visor-viral 2x Visor
Allows: Population-icon 250 Population
Level 2
Materials:8x Manila Folder
8x Inkpad
Paperweight-viral 3x Paperweight
Pencil Sharpener-viral 3x Pencil Sharpener
Stapler-viral 3x Stapler
Allows: Population-icon 300 Population
Level 3
Materials:12x Manila Folder
12x Inkpad
8x Paperweight
8x Pencil Sharpener
8x Stapler
*Collect from a Level 2 Clerk's Office twice
Allows: Population-icon 400 Population
Profit:Coins-icon 250 Coins every 24 hours

The Clerk's Office is a 4x4 Community Building in CityVille.

It is available for free when placed during the City Clerk Office-icon City Clerk Office Goal and takes Energy-icon 6 Energy to build. It requires five different items to finish and to upgrade. Once built, it allows an extra Population-icon 250 Population at Level 1. Collecting from this every 24 hours will give the player Coins-icon 250 Coins.

At Level 2, this will allow Population-icon 300 Population and at Level 3 this will increase to 400.

This cannot be placed in the Lakefront. Removal will send it to the Inventory.


Image Level Building Materials Other Requirements Population Allow
Clerk's Office Level 1-icon Level 1 Marble-viral
2x Marble
City Seal-viral
2x City Seal
Manila Folder-viral
2x Manila Folder
2x Inkpad
2x Visor
- Population-icon 250 Population
Clerk's Office Level 2-icon Level 2 Manila Folder-viral
8x Manila Folder
8x Inkpad
3x Paperweight
Pencil Sharpener-viral
3x Pencil Sharpener
3x Stapler
- Population-icon 300 Population
Clerk's Office-icon Level 3 Manila Folder-viral
12x Manila Folder
12x Inkpad
8x Paperweight
Pencil Sharpener-viral
8x Pencil Sharpener
8x Stapler
Collect from a Level 2 Clerk's Office twice Population-icon 400 Population


Once built, players can use it to rename their City and businesses by accessing this function by clicking on the building. Players must collect Signature-icon Signatures to rename things (Level 1 only). Once accepted, the game posts a request to your wall where other players "sign" it. Renaming the City requires 5 Signatures while businesses take varying amounts based on how many franchises there are of that particular business. It appears that the minimum number of Signatures required is 3 to rename a business. You can ask for Signatures once every 4 hours.

Collecting BonusesEdit

100%Coins-icon 250 Coins
50%XP-icon 1 XP
50%XP-icon 2 XP


Level 1Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Clerk's Office Level 1-SW Clerk's Office Level 1-SE

Level 2Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Clerk's Office Level 2-SW Clerk's Office Level 2-SE

Level 3Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Clerk's Office-SW Clerk's Office-SE


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