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Released on 24th April 2011 , The City Hall/Upgrade is an upgrade to the City Hall Community Building avaliable in CityVille.

The enchanced versions give the building: a higher Population limit, more Coins, more Energy, and a chance to recieve Zoning Permits on collection. This all comes with the help of an additional 10 friends 'working' within the building, to achieve its maximum potential.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Requires 3 friends Requires 6 friends Requires 10 friends
Mun townhall SW
Mun cityhall mid SW
Mun cityhall high SW


Benefits of Upgrading your City HallEdit

  • Increased population allowance
  • More coins from collection
  • Better chance of receiving energy when collecting
  • Chance of receiving zoning permits when collecing
  • A great new look!


  • Q: Can I still have more than one(1) City Hall?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Do I have to upgrade each one individually?
    A: Yes
  • Q: If I delete an upgraded City Hall do I have to start over again?
    A: Yes



Goal description

You will need a City Hall built in your city and have a minimum of 500 population.

Level 2Edit


Immediately after upgrading your level 1 City Hall, you will see this image (right) and must fill your building with an additional 3 crew members.

Level 2 requires

  • an additional 3 crew members. (Total of 6)

Level 3Edit


After you have collected from City Hall five times, you will have the option to upgrade to Level 3. Unlike the last upgrade, this will take you five days.

Level 3 requires

  • A population of 2000
  • Collect from the Level 2 City Hall 5 times
  • An additional 4 new crew members. (Total needed is 10)

You now have a fully upgraded City Hall! Congrats.




City Hall level 2

Images (10)

Level 3 City Hall


Upgrade Icon

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