Central Park
Central Park-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
DescriptionBuild a central park for all pigeons and people
HintsIf you build a central park, I may donate yet another gem to the city!
Mission fromRuth
CoinsCoins-icon 200 Coins
Newspaper iconBest Host City Could Become New Capital Central Park-icon Central Park Picnic Tables-icon Picnic Tables &
State Fair Pitch-icon State Fair Pitch

For the Central Park in Downtown CityVille, see Central Park (Downtown)

Central Park is one of the Goals in CityVille. It was released on December 2nd, 2010

Tasks Edit

File:Decorate-icon.png Place 12 Decorations

Share Edit

Central Park-feed Player turns a rich lady green!

Player created a beautiful central park in City! Plant your seeds and earn XP.

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