Carnival Ticket
Carnival Ticket-icon
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Type:Wall Post
Max. Rewards:10
Reset Time:4 hours
Expiration Time:24 hours
Host Reward:Carnival Ticket-doober Carnival Ticket
(Max: 10)
Help Reward:Carnival Ticket-doober Carnival Ticket
(Max: 10)

Carnival Ticket-doober Carnival Ticket is a currency item that drops from Carnival Ticket Booth and its upgrades. The ticket comes in red, blue, and green, but have no difference in value. They are gathered and redeemed for special edition items in the Street Carnival. Tickets of all three colors are available as free gifts. They may also be collected via wall posts.

A player may only hold a maximum of Carnival Ticket-doober 400 Tickets at one time.

Carnival Tickets no longer redeemable, unless you buy it with City Cash.You may still ask your friends to send them as free gifts, from the free gifts tab in Cityville.

Gallery Edit

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