Cargo Terminal
Cargo Terminal-icon
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Requirement:Airport-icon Airport
Construction:Energy-icon 0 Energy
Completion:Forklift-viral 6x Forklift
Baggage X-Ray-viral 6x Baggage X-Ray
Cargo Ramp-viral 6x Cargo Ramp
Info Kiosk-viral 6x Info Kiosk
Radar Display-viral 6x Radar Display
Allows: Population-icon 2,250 Population

The Cargo Terminal is a part of the Airport in CityVille. It is the first terminal needed to be constructed to complete the entire airport. Once completed, it will raise the Population Limit by 2,250 and allow the player to send Cargo Planes to destinations.


Note: There is an ongoing "known" issue in which having an upgraded Cargo Terminal will cause the return time for all planes to display a negative time when it should be landing. The planes will, however, land when their original flight time ends, and not their modified time (the time minus the upgrade bonus)

Level Building Materials Upgrade Requirement Mastery Level 3 Requirement Bonus
Level 1 Forklift-viral
6x Forklifts
Baggage X-Ray-viral
6x Baggage X-Rays
Cargo Ramp-viral
6x Cargo Ramps
Info Kiosk-viral
6x Info Kiosks
Radar Display-viral
6x Radar Displays
- - Allows Population-icon 2,250 Population
Level 2 Yellow Forklift-viral
10x Yellow Forklift
Red Forklift-viral
10x Red Forklift
White Forklift-viral
10x White Forklift
Blue Forklift-viral
10x Blue Forklift
Purple Forklift-viral
10x Purple Forklift
Control Tower London Airlines-icon
London Airlines
-8% Travel Time
Goods-icon 5,000 Goods
Level 3 Drink Cart-viral
12x Drink Cart
Passenger Terminal-icon
Passenger Terminal Level 3
Sydney Airlines-icon
Sydney Airlines
-15% Travel Time
Coins-icon 250,000 Coins
Level 4 Neck Pillow-viral
15x Neck Pillows
Vacation Terminal-icon
Vacation Terminal Level 3
Moscow Vacation-icon
Moscow Vacation
-25% Travel Time
Energy-icon 25 Energy
Level 5 Hot Towel-viral
20x Hot Towels
Private Jet Terminal-icon
Private Jet Terminal Level 3
Dubai Charter-icon
Dubai Charter
-35% Travel Time
Super Cargo Plane-icon Super Cargo Plane

Upgrading Using CashEdit

Level 1Edit

Materials: Cash-icon 24 Cash

Level 2Edit

Upgrade Your Cargo Terminal: Cash-icon 160 Cash
Upgrade Your Control Tower: Cash-icon 192 Cash
Master London Airlines to 3 Stars: Cash-icon 78 Cash

Level 3Edit

Upgrade to Level 3 Passenger Terminal: Cash-icon 100 Cash
Ask Friends for 12 Drink Carts: Cash-icon 36 Cash
Master Sydney Airlines to 3 Stars: Cash-icon 100 Cash

Level 4Edit

Upgrade to Level 3 Vacation Terminal: Cash-icon 100 Cash
Ask Friends for 15 Neck Pillows: Cash-icon 45 Cash
Master Moscow Vacation to 3 Stars: Cash-icon 100 Cash

Level 5Edit

Upgrade to Level 3 Private Jet Terminal: Cash-icon 100 Cash
Ask Friends for 20 Hot Towels: Cash-icon 60 Cash
Master Dubai Charter to 3 Stars: Cash-icon 100 Cash

Control TowerEdit

Upgrade the Cargo Terminal to Level 2 requires the Control Tower to be upgraded. This requires the following:

Building Materials
Blue Tray Table Red Tray Table White Tray Table Yellow Tray Table Purple Tray Table
Blue Tray Table-viral
Red Tray Table-viral
White Tray Table-viral
Yellow Tray Table-viral
Purple Tray Table-viral

Buy all: Cash-icon 192 Cash

Collecting BonusesEdit

100%Coins-icon 50 Coins
50%XP-icon 1 XP
50%2XP-icon 2 XP
30%Energy-icon 1 Energy
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
2%Energy-icon 1 Energy


Direction SW Direction SE Direction SW Direction SE
Cargo Terminal Scaffolding-SW Cargo Terminal Scaffolding-SE Cargo Terminal-SW Cargo Terminal-SE