Capitol Rotunda
Capitol Rotunda-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:Act 2: Special Interests
Sell for:Coins-icon 0 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 10 Energy
Completion:Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
Allows: Population-icon 7750 Population

The Capitol Rotunda is a 5x5 landmark in CityVille. It was a reward for completing the Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor Goal's Act 2: Special Interests. Player's will now receive the Mayoral Fundraiser Mansion-icon Mayoral Fundraiser Mansion upon completing the goal.

Removing this item sends it back to your inventory.

This landmark is modeled after the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.

This Landmark will give a bonus of 5% to the housing and businesses.

Lm jeffersonmemorial SE
Lm jeffersonmemorial SW

Collecting RewardsEdit

100%10× Coins-icon 100 Coins
50%XP-icon 1 XP
50%2XP-icon 2 XP
40%Energy-icon 1 Energy
40%Energy-icon 1 Energy
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
5%Energy-icon 1 Energy

Gallery Edit

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