This goal has been removed as of September 7, 2011.

Cabin Copy!
Cabin Copy!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
Release DateApril 13th, 2011
DescriptionBuild an authentic looking Log Cabin!
HintsThe replica of the old Log Cabin will become a major tourist attraction!
Mission fromGovernor Phil 2-icon Governor Phil
Place Log Cabin-iconPlace Log Cabin
(Cash-icon 5 Cash)
Collect Log Cabin-iconHarvest Log Cabin 1 time
(Cash-icon 40 Cash)
Collect Rent-iconCollect from 40 Residences
(Cash-icon 80 Cash)
ItemDiscovery Center-icon Discovery Center
Goal Completion
DescriptionYour Log Cabin replica got the popular vote from tourists and students! Share the news!
XP ShareXP-icon 25 XP
Student Archeology!-icon Student Archeology! Cabin Copy!-icon Cabin Copy! Newspaper icon(User) Digs Up More About (City)'s Past!
For the Children!-icon For the Children!

Cabin Copy! is one of the normal City goal in Cityville. It was released on April 13th, 2011.


Feed quest timecapsule02 04 Player reinvents history for the Governor!

At Governor Phil's request Player built a replica of the old Log Cabin as City's latest tourist attraction! Replicate for XP!

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