Build Restaurant
Build Restaurant-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
Release DateDecember 2, 2010
DescriptionMy restaurant must be "perfetto"!
Mission fromChef Lorenzo 2-icon Chef Lorenzo
Italian restaurant iconHave an Italian Restaurant
(Cash-icon 24 Cash)
GoodsGoods-icon 100 Goods
Goal Completion
DescriptionTi amo! My restaurant's open and the people have a true taste of Italy! Share the news!
Goods ShareGoods-icon 20 Goods
Italian Restaurant-icon Italian Restaurant Build Restaurant-icon Build Restaurant Lorenzo's Family-icon Lorenzo's Family

Build Restaurant is a normal City goal in CityVille.


Feed quest pizzachef toss03 City turning the Little Italy in {cityname} into big stuff!

Thanks to Mayor Player, the new Italian restaurant in City has delicious pasta ready for all! Get a taste of CityVille with some free Goods.

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