Build City Hall!
Build City Hall!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
Release DateDecember 2, 2010
DescriptionOnce there's a City Hall, we can choose a Mayor!
Mission fromSamantha 2-icon Sam
Build town hall governor iconBuild and Staff City Hall
XPXP-icon 8 XP
Goal Completion
DescriptionNow that you've built your City Hall someone has to be mayor.
XP ShareXP-icon 1 XP
Newspaper icon(User) Flies (City) Flag Proudly! Build City Hall!-icon Build City Hall! Newspaper icon(User) Nominated For Mayor!

Build City Hall! is a normal City goal in CityVille.


Feed quest build town hall Player has just built The City City Hall

Player just built the City City Hall and is even closer to becoming mayor! They're so excited to share some XP with you. Click here to claim yours!

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