The Bring Love To Your City! is an event that is required to complete the Sailing Singles!-icon Sailing Singles!, Flowers And Romance!-icon Flowers And Romance!, and Warm Up By The Fire!-icon Warm Up By The Fire! goals. To access this, you need to have a Level 4 City Port. Clicking on the Hearts 2-icon Heart icon above the City Port will open this.


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Created Item
Broken Heart Broken Heart-icon
1x Broken Heart
Hearts 3-viral
1x Hearts
Cash-icon 4 Cash
Happy Singles-icon
30x Happy Singles
Cash-icon 192 Cash
Happy Singles Happy Singles-icon
2x Happy Singles
Red Roses 2-icon
2x Red Roses
Cash-icon 5 Cash
Happy Couples-icon
15x Happy Couples
Cash-icon 312 Cash
Happy Couples Happy Couples-icon
1x Happy Couples
Lover's Fireplace-icon
3x Lover's Fireplace
Cash-icon 4 Cash
Angel Sculpture 2-icon
15x Angel Sculpture
Cash-icon 456 Cash

  • Stage: Broken Heart - Collect 30 Broken Hearts from Singles Cruises and 30 Hearts from Wall posts to create 30 Happy Singles
  • Stage: Happy Singles - Collect 30 Red Roses from Flower Kiosk-icon Flower Kiosks and, using the Happy Singles from the previous Stage, create 15 Happy Couples
  • Stage: Happy Couples - Collect 45 Lover's Fireplace's from Valentine's Day residences and, using the Happy Couples from the previous Stage, create 15 Angel Sculptures


Completing this will reward you with: Love Sculpture-icon Love Sculpture, Angel Sculpture-icon Angel Sculpture, and Zoning Permit-doober 35 Zoning Permits

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