• Small Moving Population Truck (+10 Population)
  • Medium Moving Population Truck (+20 Population)
  • Large Moving Population Truck
  • Extra Large Moving Population Truck

Bonus Population (officially called Population Upgrade) increases population of existing residences.

When collecting rents from houses, there's a chance that population truck will drop, provided that your citizens are happy. How this chance is calculated is unknown.

On March 12, 2012 a +20 Population option was added to the Gifts menu.

There are four types of Population Trucks distinguished on the basis of the amount of bonus population each gives.

Moving Monster Truck

During Halloween (2011), monster housing dropped purple population trucks. > > > > > > > > > >

From December 22-25, 2011, CityVille increased the chances to earn more Population by 50%.

Announce popDoober

Chances and Amount of Bonus PopulationEdit

These are only a few examples. To see the Bonus Population of a specific house, go to that item's page.

Initial Population*/Residences Bonus Population amount*
Population-icon 10 - 50 Population
Cozy Cottage, Family Townhouse, Country Home, Suburban House, Loft Apartments
Small moving truck 10 Bonus Population
Population-icon 60 - 150 Population
Modern Chateau, Terraced Brownstone, Stylish Contemporary, Lake House, Apartment Complex, Apartment Complex, Ranch House, Milan Apartments, Upscale Condos, Tuscan Villa, Colonial Chalet, Spring Bungalow, Hotel Suites, Breezy Cabin, Sprawling Mansion, Timeshare Tower, Boat Driveway House, Courtyard House
Medium moving truck 20 Bonus Population
Population-icon 160 - 300 Population
TV Terrace, Bay Point Duplex, Beachfront Condo, Skyscraper Condos, Aloha Hut, Amazon Abode, Beachside Suites, Big Kahuna Bungalow, Cliff House
Large moving truck 40 Bonus Population
Population-icon +310 Population
Glass Condos, Atrium Lofts, Garden Cottage, Midtown Apartments, Parkside Villa, Hacienda, Eco House, Founder's Building, Eco Skyscraper, Cubic Modular, Alcazar Castle, Animal House, Aragon Apartments, Bavarian Castle, Big Summer House, Carousel Cottage, Clown Alley, Contemporary Condo, Corsican Loft, Countryside Home
Extra large moving truck 60 Bonus Population
  • Initial Population - Starting population of a residence (lower number in housing menu).
  • Bonus Population amount - The amount of bonus population you can get upon collecting rent if Happy or Unhappy, but not when Very Sad. % chance of getting bonus is unknown.