Asphalt Road
Asphalt Road-icon
Image © Zynga
Cost:Coins-icon 10 Coins
Sell for:Coins-icon 1 Coins
Bonus: No bonus

The Asphalt Road appears under decorations in the Build Menu. Roads are required for housing and businesses to function.

-In the case of housing, roads provide the access point for moving vans to drop off population once you have completed a house.
-In the case of businesses, roads are essential for the function of tourism.

In both cases, if a housing or business building is not connected to a road in some way (either directly, or by extending a sidewalk to the property), you will neither be able to collect from them, nor supply them.

When the Cars feature was added, roads are required for cars to travel on.

Road LayoutEdit

Each section costs 10 coins and, by itself takes up 3x3 tiles to build, but they can vary in size depending on how close other road sections are to it. For example, if there are two sections of road that are close, but not touching, hovering over the gap in between them while building other road sections will do one of two things.

1. If the two road sections are parallel to one another, they will join together if you place a third piece in between them, creating one, seamless stretch of road.

2. If there are two section of road somewhat offset from one another (perpendicular, or a few tiles away), they will form a curved section of road when a third piece is introduced in their gap.

2x3 RoadEdit


2x3 asphalt road

The 2x3 "under construction" asphalt road shown to the right also counts as a full asphalt road with 3 less squares. This is formed by placing two asphalt roads 2 squares apart and then filling the 2x3 space between with another asphalt road. Once the initial two roads are removed the 2x3 under construction asphalt road is left. This feature is useful when it comes to saving space.

Over Train TracksEdit

To build a road across the train tracks, place one road section on each side of the tracks (the sections must line up) and a continuous road will form. Note: The expansions on both sides need to be purchased first.

Free RoadsEdit

Asphalt roads of the "main road" are given with the basic city layout when players first start the game. Players are also given the rest of the "main road" when they purchase those expansions.

6 Roads are also given when a player unlocks the Holiday Town of the Holiday Town Expansions.

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